High End Furniture The Woodlands, TX | Interior Designer The Woodlands, TXFor those building a home, working with a qualified interior designer will save money, avoid the many pitfalls or errors, and reduce the overall stress that is inherent with your project. We supply the complete package for your dream home with a cohesive plan from beginning to end. If we get preliminary plans, we can match your lifestyle to the design of the home.

We offer our services at many stages of the (re)construction process:

Preliminary Architecture Plans or Under Construction

Depending on what stage you are in a new construction project, M. Fatheree will review the status of the project and determine where improvements can be made. We ask many questions, such as “how many people will you entertain in the dining room?“ Too often, a room is built on standard specifications, but if you plan on entertaining 12-14 people for dinner, the furniture will require a minimum amount of space that might not be taken in to account when designing the home. The same applies to bedrooms where a mistake of being short three inches can mean settling for the furniture you are not happy with because the one you wanted will not fit.

M. Fatheree allows you to envision your dream home from completion backwards to the planning stages. This is essential for almost every aspect of the home. For example, with a home theater, you need additional space behind the screen, plenty of wiring and space above the ceiling to house lighting and sound effects.

Other Pre-construction items include:

  • Plan entire home
  • All furnishings
  • Paint Selections
  • Plumbing selections
  • Electrical needs
  • Stone selections
  • All trims for house

These choices are what a builder needs to bid the construction out and allows you to get a full budget for everything from the foundation to the perfect draperies giving you a “true“ total cost for the finished product of your dream home. If you don’t have a plan, you will end up having to “live with“ something you don’t like or spend money replacing it.

Offering the total package in planning and design is who we are.

Post construction:
Color coordination

Transforming Dream Houses into Dream Homes

When you enter the M. Fatheree Interiors showroom you will find a wide array of beautiful fine furnishings and home accessories at many price points. Well-chosen tapestries and bedding accented with the finest selection of accessories can add touches in the right places.

Over the years, M. Fatheree Interiors has become a mainstay in The Woodlands and Greater Houston Area communities. They are easily recognized for the 15,000 square foot showroom across I-45 from The Woodlands Mall. The showroom is filled with distinctive high end furniture, home accessories, draperies, florals, rugs, and art.

In addition to their spectacular showroom, M. Fatheree Interiors offers customized interior design services. The team can help you pick out the perfect lamp, customize a floral arrangement or even fully design a room or your entire home.

The holidays are a very special time at M. Fatheree interiors. M. Fatheree is available to transform your entire home into a dazzling display that celebrates the season. Team members Mary Kelly, lead floral designer and her assistant Lisa fill the showroom yearly with holiday florals, ornaments and the most charming seasonal accessories. During the Christmas Season, Mary and her elves can come to your home and dress your tree to perfection, adorn your mantel with the most festive florals, and leave behind a little holiday magic.

Visit our showroom to browse our wide selection of fine furniture and home accessories.

M. Fatheree Interiors provides much more than meets the eye in the showroom. M. Fatheree’s new construction services will provide an interior plan to fit your lifestyle and taste from the conception of your new home to completion. M. Fatheree can work with your set of plans to coordinate a budget, architectural details, flooring, draperies, furniture, and placement before construction even begins.

The team has designed everything from vacation homes in Beaver Creek and Cabo St. Lucas to primary homes like a 43,000 square foot home in Carlton Woods. By starting your interior design plan at the very beginning, M. Fatheree can help you to avoid inconveniences and costly renovations in the future.

“I will ask you how many people you want to be able to seat in your dining room because sometimes you need an extra foot to be able to get a table that will accommodate 12 people,“ explained Miriam, “If you need extra room, you need it in the preliminary plans because once that room is built, all you can do is live with it or fix it and neither option is very appealing.“

Miriam Fatheree began providing design inspiration for home interiors in the early seventies with her son Michael by her side. Michael’s wife Michelle joined their team after she and Michael graduated from the Art Institute nearly 15 years ago. This addition prompted them to develop the name M. Fatheree.

“I wanted the store to have longevity and I didn’t want it to revolve around me because they’re just as important a part of the business as I am, if not more,“ Miriam said, “We have a good solid foundation that really believes in the community and wants to be an integral part of it for many years to come.”